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Manolo & Lito

The Gypsy

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Music award including Best Flamenco Vocalist in both 1988 & 1989

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based event band made up of a reserve of the most elite flamenco musicians in the world

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Lead guitar / vocals
Manolo, whose real name is Phillipe Bourgues, was born in Avignon, France. His dexterity and passion for flamenco guitar, made him into the protégé of world-famous flamenco guitarist « Manitas de Plata » (aka The Little Silver Hands). Manitas became his mentor and together they shared stages performing and enchanting audiences. During the 1960s, Manitas De Plat, father of Gipsy Kings lead guitarist Tonino Baliardo and his cousin Jose Reyes, father of Gipsy Kings lead vocal singer Nicolas Reyes introduced the world in the gypsy rumba flamenco, performing in venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City.
Manitas was always so impressed by Manolo’s lighting fast dexterity, talent, passion and experience with the guitar that he baptized him as « Manitas de Oro » (The Golden Hands).

Lead singer / guitar
Lito, whose real name is Joseph Cortes, was born in Avignon, France. From an early age he discovered that singing was deeply rooted in his soul. At age 15, he began to study professional guitar and singing.

ln 1993, Lito joined Chico, one of the original founders of the Gipsy Kings, and went on tour performing at myriad venues and concerts. Gipsy Kings lead vocalist and co-founder, Nicolas Reyes, is also a relative of Lito’s. He not only writes his own original songs, but also composes fabulous musical arrangements in his studio. Throughout his career, Lito’s mesmerizing voice combined with his amazing stage persona, has earned him several music awards including Best Flamenco Vocalist in both 1988 & 1989. Together with Mano, they have travelled and toured around the world delighting audiences everywhere, from A-list celebrities to royals and monarchs, sitting Presidents and other Heads of State to name a few.

Mano Lito have performed for many A-list celebrities and VIPs.

We played for

Popular around the world, guitar duo Manolito the Gypsy play a mix of Flamenco, Latin & World music. Their soulful gypsy style of music and rhythm is contagious as they sing and play guitar and will transport their audiences through a journey that moves them to dance, sing and cry. Based in southern France, Mano & Lito travel the world performing across the United States, Europe, South America and many other places. From major concert halls to luxury weddings, private parties, corporate events, anniversaries, and special celebrations, Manolito the Gypsy will certainly seduce and entertain audiences and guests. Please contact us anytime for inquiries, bookings and special pricing for your next event!


From major concert halls to luxury weddings, private parties, corporate events, anniversaries, and special celebrations…Contact us